Frozen Hash Browns In Air Fryer

Making Frozen Hash Browns in Air fryer is one of my favorite things to do. They shorten the cooking time, resulting in meals that are both faster and simpler to prepare.

The recipe is ridiculously easy, and it has become a particular favorite in our morning meal routine. We make these for breakfast on a regular basis whether we have guests or even just our family of four around for breakfast.

Can I Stack The Frozen Hash Browns In Air Fryer? 

However, although it is OK to stack most frozen meals in an air fryer, I do not suggest stacking these hash brown patties.

Once cooked, the patties become brittle and may crumble if they are piled on top of one another.

Stacking foods such as French fries, chicken wings, and roasted carrots is permissible if the basket is shaken to rotate the food rather than turning them with a spatula as a general rule.

What Kind Of Utensils Should You Use To Flip Food In An Air Fryer?

It is recommended that you use plastic tools such as spatulas when cooking in an air fryer since the coating is nonstick.

Using a metal spatula may cause the basket to scrape and, in some cases, cause the basket to peel in the places where it has been damaged.

The nonstick coating on the basket will begin to peel off after a certain amount of time, requiring you to use more oil when cooking and making cleanup more difficult.

hash browns in airfryer

Frozen Hash Browns in Air fryer Ingredients

  • 4 frozen hash brown patties


  1. Preheat air fryer to 400 degrees.
  2. Make a single layer of hash brown patties and place them in the air fryer. Cook for 8-10 minutes, turning halfway through, until crispy.
  3. Remove the hash browns from the air fryer and set them aside for 2 minutes to allow them to cool a little before serving.
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