What is Okinawa Milk Tea? (With Guide)

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Okinawa milk tea is unlike conventional milk tea, which is often prepared with just sugar and water, this variant of the drink is prepared using brown sugar, yielding a distinctly different flavor and giving it a more nuanced taste.

As the pearl in the South Pacific with the largest percentage of centenarians somewhere on the planet, this island has  the most individuals over one hundred years of age in its population. 

But it is notable that although roughly 3% of the population in Okinawa is overweight, about 69% of the population in the United States is overweight.


okinawa milk tea

Lentils are an important source of food for people of the Ryukyu Islands, in addition to carbohydrate; this is astonishing considering that the calories in the majority of the Ryukyuan diet is generated from lentils.

Recently, it was discovered that the people of Okinawa seemed to be in excellent condition, as they are regularly drinking tea, and so there is a possibility that their high consumption of tea has had a favorable influence on their health. The Okinawan, on the average, consume around two cups of Okinawan tea per day.

So far, your tastebuds have had a chance to sample the unique taste of Okinawan black and green teas, which offer excellent nutrients like Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and catech, but these teas have a very rich and complex flavor.

Numerous studies have been done to verify the outstanding health advantages of these nutrients. The inhabitants of Okinawa, experts are currently exploring even further how diverse these nutrients’ potential health advantages are.

Varieties of Okinawa Tea

If you have been to the northern half of Okinawa, then you will be able to observe multiple tea plantations on the skirt of the mountain, as they are located in the area you’ve already seen. The continuing practice of planting a variety of teas in Okinawa is still in progress.

There are several different varieties of tea in Okinawa, with sopicha being the most prevalent of them all. The word “cha” refers to Jasmine in Japanese, but it also translates to “Jasmine” in English. Also, even if you know that, you will still get to experience the wonderful Jasmine scents nonetheless.

Both healing and the intestines benefit from the addition of the healing plant, sarsaparilla, which considerably adds to the stimulation of digestion. This tea may be bought at any of the following places: vending machines, pubs, pharmacies, and grocery stores. Sapon-cha is a staple drink throughout the winter and summer months.

In contrast to the claim that all varieties of Okinawan tea include vegetables and herbs as their principal components and are known as “healthy tea,” it is found that various kinds of Okinawan tea are devoid of any significant levels of vegetables and herbs. GET YOUR OKINAWA FLAT BELLY TONIC HERE!!

okinawa tonic

These “healthy alternatives” include things like herbal teas made from plants. As well as possessing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics, these minerals and antioxidants present in Uchin give superb taste for curries, and contribute to the dish’s health benefits.

These compounds assist to avoid arteriosclerosis, to encourage the development of cancer, and to aid in the process of eliminating the after-effects of excessive drinking on the brain function.

It is furthermore said that in Okinawa, people sometimes prepare a tea from bitter gourd called as Gyama. tea made with goji berries Go-ya is cooked by browning, then drying browned and seasoned chopped and dried. After being marinated, the go-ya is roasted. This fruit is a good source of carotene and vitamin C. In addition, there have been various studies which shown it can affect the diet and be beneficial for treating a variety of various diseases.

Additionally, many edible and medicinal plants native to Okinawa that visitors could consider purchasing include Garigasawaku-cha, Yomei-cha, and, in addition, Guavica flower.

What is Okinawa Milk Tea?

“While green tea is often made without using any sort of raw sugar, save in Okinawa, this is seldom done in the rest of Japan. Adding a new degree of complexity gives it a different character and provides it a beverage that stands out of the crowd.”

This is a really good tea, but some people really can’t get enough of the delicate types, like chai. It has a reasonable flavor and sweetness, though, so folks who like milk really appreciate it.

There is already an established detection method for the tea taste in the liquid, and the liquid is really quite milky, indicating an excellent tea quality. s The extract from sugarcane is not just earthy, but also quite rich.

7 Okinawa Tea Health Benefits

1. May Help Boost Energy and Assist Weight Loss

Based on the findings of a recent study, it was determined that there was an increase in fat burning rates by as much as 40% in persons who consumed Okinawa tea every day. More than three times as many individuals in the research lost weight as the control group who were not drinking this tea. The polyphenols in the tea aid to improve energy levels, while also maybe helping to decrease the chance of glucose being stored as body fat.


2. May Assist Diabetes and Blood Sugar Regulation

A healthy diet along with Okinawa tea could help those people with type 2 diabetes. The prevalence of type 2 diabetes is ever increasing, especially in the younger generations. Scientific researchers, doctors, and nutritionists are focusing more efforts in discovering different healthier diabetes diet which may assist with blood sugar regulation that includes the consumption of Okinawa tea.

In this case, results show that the amount of triglycerides in the blood may be reduced by up to 80% with regular use of this tea (Triglycerides is the most common fat form in the human body). A research done by Osaka City University discovered that drinking Okinawa tea may help boost plasma adiponectin levels. When low levels of plasma adiponectin are present, there is a link to coronary artery disease (CAD), type 2 diabetes, and obesity. The results of the research showed that Okinawa tea may help decrease the development of atherosclerosis in people with coronary artery disease.

3. May Help in Managing High Cholesterol Levels

In a study conducted on the tea from Okinawa, a group of antioxidants known as catechins was discovered. They assist maintain healthy cholesterol levels by keeping free radicals in check. Cholesterol is a unique sort of fat that is crucial for overall health. As a result, there are two types of cholesterol: the bad and the good. As it happens, Okinawa tea increases the good cholesterol while decreasing the bad. In addition, gypenosides are contained in the Okinawan tea and have been demonstrated to aid in the rise of HDL cholesterol, reduce LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol. Drinking Okinawa tea for up to a year has been shown to help lower blood pressure, according to a research by Yang.

4. May Help in Maintaining Cardiovascular Health and Healthy Blood Pressure

Researchers have discovered that this tea has the additional benefit of improving cardiac metabolism. Furthermore, it helps to increase the amount of nitric oxide released in the body while simultaneously activating the neural system. A cup of Okinawa tea may assist to relax the artery walls and the coronary blood arteries, making them more effective in helping to decrease blood pressure.

Like other black teas, Okinawa tea is very rich in EGCG, tea catechins, and tea polyphenols, all of which are potent antioxidants that act to clear up free radicals or pollutants. They assist in the elimination of cells inside the body. The content of polyphenols in this tea is responsible for promoting heart health because of its association with a healthy heart.

5. May Promote Healthy Skin

In a recent study, researchers discovered that Okinawa tea had specific compounds that may help boost a young skin tone and stave against age-related skin disorders.

6. May Support Immune System

Further results from human investigations have shown that various components of Okinawan tea may aid in the efficiency of the heart and the contractility of the heart muscle. Saponins in this tea have also been shown to have the capacity to improve endurance and strength in the body.

7. May Boost Mental Well-Being

In a recent study, researchers found that drinking Okinawan tea might aid to trigger a joyful mental state. Several studies have also shown that it may be helpful in promoting a good mental health and helping to increase brainpower. The more drinkers of Okinawa tea there are, the more focused, tranquil, and joyful they say they feel.

Scientific research have revealed that Okinawan tea is completely nourishing.

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